May I introduce myself, my name is Julio, I am a private worker, part-time blogger, internet marketer, and like something new. I’m also a full-time Daddy of a beautiful daughter named Risa. My wife is the one who influenced me to write. She inspires me for almost everything I do.

I really like things related to computer, the internet, system, network and of course internet marketing. My hobby is surfing, travelling. I have dreams of travel-surfing all over the world and want to capture the experience on my new blog.

As an employee I also do not take off the responsibility and obligations of working, well this blogger activity I do when there is free time. Most of them are when I get enough ideas to help and share information through this blog.

Well, from the introduction of names, jobs and hobbies, there are many more activities that I do. And if anyone wants to share – consultation – or establish a friendship I am very open. You can also contact me to discuss thoughts and interesting topics.

I love to gain my knowledge through conversations. However, I really avoid gossiping and negativity. So, let us keep the connection positive!