16 Tips on How to Design Your Secret Basement Bedroom

Basement bedroom

All of us at some time begin checking out our homes as well as wishing there were a little bit of extra area around to make sure that we could arrange it in a far better fashion. If you can find an entire brand-new room, after that also better! With room ending up being such a premium in the modern-day world, it makes good sense to fully make use of every inch that is on deal. Placing the basement to good usage is one such alternative that is neither difficult nor really expensive. Basement rooms are a remarkable way of not just developing additional, useful area, yet additionally treating yourself to a peaceful, comfortable retreat right in your home.

All you require is proper planning and some imagination. Many house owners do not totally recognize the capacity that their cellar holds. The darkness and also maybe even the cold wetness drive lots of away. But for those seeking to include an added bed room or perhaps a visitor area to their crowded residence, this room is important. And here are some fundamental guidelines that will certainly assist you with this smart makeover. If you still need additional bedroom in your house, you also can use your garage. For garage renovation and makeover, you can decide to hire professional or DIY.

Garage Renovation: Hire a Professional vs DIY

Remodeling your garage is a recommended method to increase the value of your residence. You can be very convinced to undertake the projects of DIY at home, and a garage remodeling is a way to take your artistic side easily.

However, you need skill, patience, access to special tools and a lot of time. Many factors are needed to be considered when determining whether to engage a professional for your garage remodeling. Before selecting DIY or hiring a professional, see the items from Porch that can influence your decision.

Garage Renovation: Hire a Professional vs DIY


DIY – If you are a practical worker who admires a challenge, the DIY approach could be for you. Depending on your required project within your garage modification, the time and skill included will vary. If you are just looking for a room to clean, organize, or add a workbench and shelves, it might only happen on your own.

If you are looking to change the garage into a finished workshop, mechanic’s place or game room, reroute the cable propagation means that develop the ventilation and insulation, door and window weatherstripping, paint panels dan plaster, place the carpet and finish. The decoration is too much to handle, and probably it is out of your league.

If you are unfamiliar with drywall, and you don’t have a license as an electrician, you will probably want to outsource this job only because of the high levels of skill at all levels.

Pro – If you cannot tell the difference between a stud from of a power outlet, engaging a professional is the best way to go. Your contractor can handle all aspects of the conversion project of your garage by creating subcontractors, like plumbing and electricity. There are some jobs that the basic homeowner should never try on their own if they don’t have a lot of construction experience:

Electric power: you can fix a simple fan, but as far as the concern is about the main wiring, this work can be risky, so you cannot handle it for yourself. They can be electrocuted, cause a fire or perform the wrong job and still engage a professional in the end. Note that it is imperative that the electrical components are designed to be coded.

Plumbing: Attach a sink or add water lines to a new washer and dryer should be left to your contractor. Failure to do so can result in water damage that can quickly get out of control and cost you unwanted cost to repair later. Water leaks can cause serious damage as well as expensive water bills.

Wall Demolition: Do not try to remove the walls on your own, especially if you are not sure whether they are workable or not. It can also be difficult to determine exactly what is behind these walls, such as wiring and pipes that can create problems during your remodelling, which should be a professional to manage.

Insulation removal: The old insulation constructed in houses before 1990 may have asbestos, which, if disturbed, can release fibrous particles into the air. If you inhale them and enter your lungs, you could be in danger for mesothelioma or asbestosis. Therefore, we are recommended to hire a trained specialist asbestos removal in Brisbane before renovating found it here.


DIY – A tight budget prefers a DIY a conversion project of a garage. For a standard garage renovation, it can require several thousand dollars just for materials, starting from insulation and plywood to flooring and lighting. If you have to hire a garage renovator, you will need to spend double for the cost or even more for the similar project work.

Pro – You might have to double your budget when hiring a garage renovator, but you won’t be worried knowing that the work is done properly and is agreeable. It is more effective for the cost to hire a pro rather than DIY that still requires the pro to fix your work.


DIY – When thinking about a DIY garage renovating project, ask yourself if you really want it. If the answer is yes, let a professional do the work. A garage renovation is not a weekend project or something that can fit easily between sports, work, school and family commitments.

But if you are not in a hurry and enjoy your time, then, surely, a DIY project fits you. However, once you have done this, you will then realize that you don’t have enough time or patience to dedicate to it.

Pro – There is a lot of work going on in a garage renovation. Think about all the tasks, starting from designs and measurements to shopping for all the needed materials. Engaging a professional worker means you can begin t your business without having to worry about these bulky and highly skilled jobs.

When deciding whether to go with DIY or hire a professional to remodel your garage, consider exactly what type of remodeling you are looking for. Knowing all the things involved in the project also what is easy to be finished will help you decide which method suits you.

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Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for the Summer

When the summer season arrives, the weather will feel hotter, and the air will be so dry. Mostly in large cities, many people then decided to buy an air conditioner (AC) to make the room feel cool and comfortable.

Well, the next risk that must be faced is the exploding electricity bills. Indeed, there are many circulating air conditioners with low voltage out there. If you can reduce the electricity consumption while saving the budget, then why not?

Now you are probably asking, is there an alternative way to make the room feel cool? Well, here are 4 tips to cool the room without air conditioning that you can try.

Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for the Summer

1. Choose the right colour paint

Maybe you forget to realise, that the choice of paint for your room can actually give a particular effect. If you choose a dark colour paint for your room, well, of course, your room will be felt more cramped.

Therefore, choose a colour that can brighten the room. Pastel colours like light blue, light green or any other soft colours can bring a cool sensation to the person in the room.

2. Note the Air Circulation

Of course, air circulation has a crucial role to create a cooler atmosphere to the room. For rooms that are not equipped with air conditioning, ventilation becomes necessary. In the absence of adequate ventilation, there will be no air circulation in the room with the air from the outside.

If you want to create a vent, create a cross vent. You should place the vents in opposite directions. This allows the air to flow from the inside out or vice versa smoothly, without having to linger in the room. But if you are not allowed to make ventilation, at least install an exhaust fan.

3. Do not put many items in the room

The room that filled with too much stuff; besides it will make your room looks crowded; it can also make the room feel less comfortable. The more stuff is being placed in the room; the more dust can be accumulated. If these items are not being used very often, or are not important, place them somewhere else.

4. Proper window placement

With the windows in the room, it can also be a way to let the sunlight enters freely. If you are currently building construction, consider not putting the glass in sunrise position. As the sun rises, you can feel the heat of the room immediately.

You can use a thick curtain to block the incoming sunlight. And when it is not too hot, let the window open, and the wind comes in.

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